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Ditch the pot plants for a living wall.

Living walls are a brilliant way of hiding or decorating a wall with long-lasting plants. Instead of having a plant such as a rose or wisteria climbing up the wall, a whole variety of plants are put on the wall instead,

creating a stunning visual display. Special panels are secured to the wall, the plants put in to special pockets, and auto-irrigation installed. According to the site conditions; sun, shade, hot, cool, windy, etc, a wide choice of plants is available to choose from. So in a sunny situation Lavender, thyme, etc could be used, to give a vertical version of Provence. In a shady site, Huechera, ferns, Bergenia and Carex can be used to give plenty of interest for the whole year. In very sheltered places, the range could be extended to include tender species. Also suitable for indoor spaces, with recycling irrigation water, a stunning array of houseplants could be used to create a jungle-themed feature. Very exciting!

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