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To create a garden that divided the 3 acre space to make it look smaller. Provide flowers, grasses, trees, and all year round interest.


The existing large slate patio was taken up and relayed to look as though it had exploded away from the house, leaving planting spaces next to the house for shade-loving plants.


Three simple larch arches lead from a downstairs room towards two interlinked circular beds. These are separated by a curved log wall made from a felled eucalyptus tree. The beds are planted with various grasses; Agapanthus, Sedum and other drought-tolerant plants.


Further away from the house, a large number of Birch, Hawthorn, and other tree species were planted to create a wood that the clients can wander through and find a place to sit in the shade. Wildflowers were added in to augment the sparse grass that grows in the very sandy soil.

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