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To create a garden with no lawn, lots of planting, Irises, grasses, a wisteria, clipped yews, gravel, a large shaded sitting area and a pond.


The idea behind the design was that the elements should look as though they had been dropped on top of, and into, each other. It was therefore designed so that the patio cut into the brick path; the reflecting pool was within the herringbone brick; the oval bed was within a gravel path, which was then within planting. The other elements then give height to this flat plane; Acers; pleached Crab Apples along the boundary; an L-shaped pergola; and clipped Yew buttresses against the house walls.

Planting was a variety of herbaceous plants, with some shrubs around the Acers to give extra bulk to that particular area. An avenue of Prunus ‘Okame’ with Japanese grass, Hakonechloa, leads to a small reflecting pool with clipped Yew hedges.

The garden has strong, geometric elements with very free, unstructured planting. This gives a good contrast and enables much of the planting to be deciduous perennials; their dead stems are left to provide winter interest.

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